Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ch. 16 - A Whirlwind Week

A lot has happened since my last posting a week ago. It would be foolish to try and condense it in a witty narrative. Instead, I'll write them as easy bullet points:

- My work-issued laptop died. It was its time to go. Besides, I might get lucky and get issued a nicer, newer, faster one when I get back to Alexandria.
-Exhaustion is finally setting in. I will now happily embrace a multi-day recovery period when I get back home.
-It's been rainy for the past 2 days, and it's really put a--wait for it--damper on our outdoor activities.
-The "Russian Mafia" left camp, except for Vladestruction. Some of them were sweet, but they were all spoiled. Oh, well.
-I tore Vladarth Vader a new one yesterday for getting my bookbag wet on purpose. A fat lot of good it'll do in the long run, but I think he'll stop and reconsider his actions before trying to mess with me again.
-I talked with a camp counselor from a neighboring organization on the beach two days ago. She seemed really happy with her job. I felt insanely jealous.

I have nothing more to write. I'm fairly tired after today's rainy field trip to Venice. I was doing well until I sat down in my seat on the bus. Lights out!

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