Friday, July 9, 2010

Ch. 7

Hmmm… Where to begin? OK, since I last had some free time, there have been a few significant occurrences: We went on a field trip to Venice, and one of my fellow staff members was “let go”. So…

I require a bit more time in Venice, I think. Its small vialetos remind me of the back alleys of Madrid and Toledo in Spain, and the knowledge of having so much water around one’s self is both alien and beautiful. Unfortunately, there were many tourists and it was hard to appreciate the city for what it is—historically rich and significant as well as artistically- and culturally unique. So, maybe I’ll hit it up again on my way home…

In the meantime, a bit of drama had been in the works. On Friday, July 09, one of the English teachers was relieved of her position. Since I’m no Dougie Downer, I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say that these kinds of situations are often difficult and awkward, but—in the end—the bottom line is the welfare of the children. The boss has a new guy coming in on Sunday; a young feller from the U.K. Keeping my fingers crossed….

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