Monday, July 19, 2010

Ch. 10 - No Humidity? Seriously?

Today is the first day that is actually--in a meteorological sense--pleasant. The classroom doesn't have great ventilation, but it's rather nice outside. As I write this, the kids are taking a language placement test. It's pretty ridiculous, since some of the kids will have taken this test for the 3rd or 4th time. Apparently, the Italian version of this test is full of errors and is in no way an accurate measurement of one's proficiency level. Oh, well. I just work here.

Some of the kids--both veterans and newcomers--and I played Tombola last night. It's basically BINGO, but with a slightly more complicated prize-winning structure. It was a hit with most of the kids who came along. One girl got really into it and asked the head Tombolera (I just made that term up) if they'd be offering it as an activity again later in the week, so I guess she'll be coming back for more.

In other news, I've begun searching for hostels in Florence. Taking a cue from my Dad, I'm anxious to poke around this very famous city after my job here is done. I'll be doing a little homework on the city itself, and I find myself getting more and more excited as each day passes.

Also, tomorrow is my mother's birthday! As usual, I hope everyone is treating her well. Some kids are finishing up their tests, so I'd better get going. Ciao....

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