Friday, July 16, 2010

Ch. 9 - Special Case(s)

There's a "special" child--the Italians might call him pazzo --named Vladimir, who is a small Russian boy who's here to learn more English. (Mostly) Because of his "antics", I have begun compiling a list of nicknames for him:

a) Most staffers refer to him using an Italian diminutive, calling him Vladimirigno.
b) We occasionally call him by his own familiar nickname, "Vova".
c) Sometimes I just call him "scimmia", which is Italian for "monkey".
d) One of the other campers called him "Vladimort", in honor of his resemblance to the Harry Potter villain.
e) I also call him "booger".
f) Since he's small for his age, I also have referred to him as "Vladimini".
g) My personal favorite, though, is "Vlad Pitt", because of his passing resemblance to Brad Pitt.

He is a force to be reckoned with, but I keep telling myself that we're up for the challenge.


  1. So, is he looking like Voldemort or Brad Pitt? BTW, you missed the earthquake this morning!

  2. You see, he *looks* like a little Brad Pitt, but has the demeanor and evil streak of a Voldemort. I heard about the quake--never a dull moment in DC, eh? Laters...