Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ch. 8 - 50% Completed

*insert that sound one makes when the index finger rapidly moves vertically across the lips, producing a 'buddabebuddabebuddabe' sound*

Hi! Sorry, but I digressed there for a moment. Tomorrow (7/14) we'll be going to Trieste. Prior to going there, I'm afraid I'll have to punch my "Ignorant American" card by admitting that I know very little about this city. In fact, my only real point of reference is that it was mentioned in a James Bond film. So... I'll be taking some photos of some historically-significant things and then learning about them later.

Our new guy, Tom, is an interesting fellow. He'd been living in Padova/Padua for two years and got the call from the head office about the vacancy that needed to be filled on short notice. He plays guitar and seems to really enjoy working with kids in a summer camp setting. More on him later; gots to get my beauty rest. Ciao!

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