Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ch. 14 - Gelato Time on My Hands?

Gelato is one of those things that I had never sampled before, but now I have a point of reference. Gelato is so impressionable on some people, that it is often what they think about nearly all the time. Case in point: a camper here named Nick included the word "gelato" in his Skype handle. Now *that's* dedication to gelato. His favorite flavor is "Puffo", which is blue and he says tastes like cotton candy.

In Trieste, I sampled a concoction made with Nutella and chocolate chunks. A bus could have hit me after that first taste and it probably wouldn't have bothered me too much. I look forward to sampling more flavors in my remaining time here. I have to admit, a really good cone of gelato lives up to its reputation of being unique and enjoyable. Of course, now the dilemma becomes: where will I be able to get some comparable gelato once I get back home?

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  1. I've heard of a place in Reston Town Center, though I've never been there. Maybe you can check it out sometime.