Monday, June 28, 2010

Ch. 4 - Getting Acquainted...the Fast Way

There’s hitting the ground running, and then there’s what we did today. I was picked up at Marco Polo International—the Venice airport—by David, the main boss of MB Scambi Culturali. In a moving van. He had laden the truck with materials and supplies from Padova (“Padua”), and picked me up along the way to Lignano. In the truck with us rode one of the Italian teachers, by the name of Eleonora (though a different Eleonora that lobbied to hire me), and were followed by the immediate program director Roberto, and another English teacher from Philadelphia named Lynette.

On the road, David, Eleonora, and I got to know each other using an interesting hybrid of English, Italian, and Spanish. David’s English is exceptional, Eleonora’s Spanish is excellent, and I began to pick and choose how I’d phrase my own statements. Then, we actually got here: Villaggio Adriatico, AKA, Villaggio Sportivo Getur (read: "Jay Tour").

The resort itself used to be a Catholic Church-run getaway, but it's not so much that anymore and more of a uniquely European community vacation destination. It caters to families and privates groups alike, and it can accommodate several hundred guests.

After a very quick lap around the grounds, we began unloading the van. There was a lot to wade through, and we found ourselves in a very tight office space. Very tight. That is to say, we had to get fairly creative with organizing our materials MacGyver-style. Also, we had to consider a little thing called "planning".

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