Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ch. 1: Asking the internet to pinch me

Having never been to Italy, I was understandably filled with trepidation.

But, wait... I'm getting ahead of myself. In fact, as of this writing--at 12:42 p.m. on Thursday, June 24, 2010--I'm not even *in* Italy. Yet.

Dateline: My classroom, a few weeks ago. Also, at my home. And in the car.
I got to thinking about how I'd spend Summer 2010, and it occurred to me--little by little--that it might just be possible to (1) make some money (2) doing something I know how to do fairly well, and (3) in a place I've never been before, but have always wanted to visit. So, I did the next logical thing: I procrastinated like the lazy doofus that I am.

Eventually, however, I got back into the job hunt and ended up sending out about 10 applications/job inquiries. One outfit in England preferred an E.U national, so that was one shot down. I got a whiff of interest from a Language School in Spain, but I read over their program and wasn't that interested (though I am madly in love with Spain), so I decided to drop that one. Most of the others didn't bother to follow up.

Insert frowny face here.

Then I received an email from a Cutural Exchange organization in Padova--a.k.a. Padua--Italy. The liason there seemed interested in my C.V., and sent along a questionnaire as a follow-up. While they were perusing my answers, I decided to look more closely at MB Scambi Culturali, the organization that seemed interested in getting to know me better. More about that in a later posting, perhaps. I now found myself faced with a webcam interview!

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